South Pointe Park – Hargreaves Associates – US Jul27


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South Pointe Park – Hargreaves Associates – US

South Pointe Park - Hargreaves Associates - US

South Pointe Park - Hargreaves Associates - US

Landscape Architect: Hargreaves Associates, Inc.
Location: Miami Beach, Florida, US
Local Landscape Architect: Savino Miller Design Studio
Architect: William Lane Architects
Photographs: Hargreaves Associates

The selection of project materials was significantly influenced by the project context with particular emphasis was placed on constructing the park with high-quality materials that reflect the City’s growing prominence as an international destination. Also, the park’s context at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and the pervasive humid, sub-tropical climate of South Florida required the selection of durable materials that have the capacity to withstand not only heavy, urban park use, but also the strong erosive forces of the coastal environment, such as salt spray, hurricane force winds and tropical storm deluges. Materials and finishes adapted to both contexts such as marine-grade stainless steel with high-quality finishes to deter advanced weathering due to salt spray and the use of wood was limited to sustainably-harvested ipe, to withstand wide and rapid fluctuations in moisture while providing a long lifespan in an environment where other woods would be subject to advanced rot and decay. Paving materials were designed for long-term durability but to also reflect the regional geomorphology. Dominican keystone, shell aggregate concrete paving, and coquina pathways draw visual and tactile connections to the larger geologic context underpinning the site. The planting palette focuses on regional, endemic plant communities. The planting design reflects the park’s various program uses while creating a simple and powerful visual language to define park spaces.