Edge house – Noriyoshi Morimura – Japan Jul26


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Edge house – Noriyoshi Morimura – Japan


Edge house - Noriyoshi Morimura - Japan

Edge house - Noriyoshi Morimura - Japan

Proiect: Noriyoshi Morimura
Client: couple + 2 children
Site area: 317.91sq m
Building area: 145.31sq m
Gross floor area: 114.88sq m
Building scope: 1 story

Japanese practice noriyoshi morimura architects & associates has created ‘edge house II’, a single family home in kyotanabe, kyoto, japan. Designed to establish a constant and casual relationship with the exterior environment,  the residence features four fluid wings which are each exposed to the outdoors. In a way futuristic, the dwelling starkly contrasts its surroundings, its form and materiality literally becoming the landscape.

Two intersecting axis define the overall structure, dictating the program and internal spatial organization.  Inside, the living room, kitchen and bathroom lie on the short vertical axis while the bedrooms and tatami room are  positioned perpendicular, serving as a backdrop to the home.

Fully glazed walls enclose the structure, juxtaposing the rough and pure concrete surfaces which cap the front of each wing.
Seamlessly connecting and intersecting the volumes, the glass aims to create a sense of connection and voyeurism in both  the inhabitants and passerby.

By  noriyoshi morimura architects & associates