Villa 4 0 – Dick van Gameren – Netherlands Jul29


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Villa 4 0 – Dick van Gameren – Netherlands

Villa 4-0 - Dick van Gameren

Villa 4-0 - Dick van Gameren

Villa 4-0 – Dick van Gameren


Although the many modifications and additions had made the house bigger, it had also become increasingly inward-looking. The expanding wings were steadily enclosing the heart of the house with the hall and living quarters, and direct contact between the house and the magnificent surroundings was largely lost. The original detailing and material form were consistently adhered to during all previous interventions but the result was now thoroughly outmoded and of a poor technical quality.

Energy and indoor climate

A floor heating system has been laid into the new concrete deck floor that can heat or cool the rooms using low temperature heating (water < 35°C). A second system has been installed in the bedroom ceilings to facilitate additional cooling in summer. The entire system is fed by a thermal storage unit. All rooms can be regulated individually. Self-generated energy is not being treated as an option for the time being. The surrounding trees mean that there is much shade for a large part of the year and little wind. The part of the roof that does catch the sun all year long is provided with a solar boiler for hot water facilities (head pipe system).Ventilation of the house is premised on the natural circulation of air throughout the building. Ventilation units in the outer walls make it possible to regulate the exact quantity of air entering the building. In summer, ventilation can be stepped up using a mechanical discharge system in the roof lights of the central hall. Of the two spaces with a lot of glazing, the kitchen has a glass sliding roof and the living room a roof hatch that allows for additional ventilation in warm weather. The ventilation units enable the house to be aired without having to leave windows and doors open…

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