The Capital –   James Law Cybertecture International – India Aug03


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The Capital – James Law Cybertecture International – India

The Capital - James Law Cybertecture International - India

The Capital - James Law Cybertecture International - India

Architects: James Law Cybertecture International
Location: Mumbai, India
Project Area: 66,347 m²
Photographs: James Law Cybertecture International

Cybertecture is the ultimate expression of innovative art married with functional needs in consideration of the environment and humanity. The new commercial complex located in Mumbai, India ”The Capital” deliberately reveals her calmness, gracefulness and elegance. It is an extremely challenging work to develop a revolutionary design concept for an office with AAA- grading and achieving over 80% efficiency simultaneously. It integrated the sustainable concept, form and functionality that inspire the office building design and urban context in India like never before.

Environmental: Amidst constant contest with design criteria and constrains, James Law Cybertecture international limited always positioned the environmental issues in the top priority. At the podium level, diffusers installed at the ceiling level reflected natural light into the atrium which significantly reduces the lighting energy demand. Spot cooling system is also adopted in the atrium to avoid unnecessary cooling load. Openable windows in office floors allow natural and cross ventilation in daily operation.

For the building enclosure, there are three major features in the building.  An incredible stepped-in glazed valley façade is created at the West elevation of the building. The facade is stepped while each floor supported by feature columns and cantilevered in a way that the building itself act as a shading device.  A masterpiece egg shape structure inscribed inside the wonderful sky lobby at the East elevation. There are natural waterfalls and vegetations situated on both sides of the sky lobby. They enhance the cooling effect of the atrium. People can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in this communal space. The sparkling LED stripes protruded on the facade of “The capital” do not only act as an urban information display device, but also play the role of sun shading devices. The interior and exterior cladding system are adopted PVDF coating which are easily maintain and UV resisting.

Smart parking: One of the innovation designs of “The Capital” is the intellectual parking system. By means of using internet and smart card system, occupants can log in and command the system in their office in prior to  picking up their cars. Therefore, the lap time can be shortened.