Pearapp Lamp by gt2P Parametric Design – Chile Aug03


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Pearapp Lamp by gt2P Parametric Design – Chile

Pearapp Lamp by gt2P

Pearapp Lamp by gt2P

This architectural and parametric design in a few years of existence, has managed to fill an important niche in customizing designs thanks to its digital manufacturing system. Through the creation of a DNA or a base element, develop computationally families of products ranging from furniture to a building, allowing the intervention of the client to achieve a custom design to suits their needs. This design is part of the family of products built according to the “DNA” or rule “G-Branch,” which works based on the observation of the growth of trees. This rule uses circles of varying diameters along the axis of growth and can shape any fruit. Using the typology of an apple and a pear, this lamp made ??of ceramic or resin, is formed from circles that vary in diameter at the top and bottom.

Designed by gt2P