Gruff-set cardboard furniture  by Arno Mathies – Uk Aug03


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Gruff-set cardboard furniture by Arno Mathies – Uk

Gruff-set  by Arno Mathies

Gruff-set by Arno Mathies

Gruff-set is mountable and dismountable cardboard furniture using 15mm and 7mm cardboard. The structure is composed of two elements repeated twice that are assembled using housing joints and requires no screws. The table top is the final piece which guarantees the stability of the whole object. Similarly with the shelving, the attachment of the feet around the cardboard planks, creates the structure for the object.

The furniture exists in two versions, a cheap all in cardboard version, and a printed cardboard version with glass or cardboard table top. Both versions explore the various properties of the material. The cardboard version is cheap and replaceable, whereas the printed version is more luxurious and long lasting.

Considering the choice of material and the method of fabrication, the user can either consider his table as a disposable object or a permanent piece of furniture for household or office use. Gruff is a response to the paradox of a society focused on increasing consumption while trying to achieve sustainable development.

Designed by Arno Mathies