SPAR LIGHT – Abitare – Iltaly Oct21


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SPAR LIGHT – Abitare – Iltaly

SPAR LIGHT – Abitare

SPAR LIGHT – Abitare

Design by Jamie Mclellan

 Photo by Leon Rose

 The London Design Festival, 22nd to  25th September, will be one of the first important appointments after the summer pause: we now start to receive information about exhibitions and events related to it, among these designjunction, the exhibition that will be organized in an enormous and rather luxurious basement at Bloomsbury Square. Among the objects that will fill the Victoria House basement, we are particularly struck by the Spar Light lamp designed by Jamie McLellan. Thin, full of lines wisely discontinuous, it speaks about acrobatics and tensions. “Stressed” tensions, when the whole stands up thanks to a red electric wire, as for a poetic funambolism, when the semitransparent string, pulled, leaves the scene to the neat lines of the skeleton.. May be our wild imagination carried us too far?

 And why not? An essential and well-conceived line can work this effect.

 For the time being, our compliments to the New Zealand designer and also to Simon James and Scott Bridgen, from New Zealand as well, who carried out this project. Resident, their brand-new company, will launch in London his first collection; let’s hope there will be other objects of the same level.