Kondo lamp by Christian Vivanco – Mexico Oct22


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Kondo lamp by Christian Vivanco – Mexico

Kondo Lamp bt Christian Vivanco

Kondo Lamp bt Christian Vivanco

Kondo is new geometric lamp by the Mexican designer Christian Vivanco.

A Kondo is the centerpiece of an ancient Buddhist temple’s garan in Japan. The origin of the name may derive from the perceived preciousness of its content, or from the fact that the interior was lined with gold. Kondo is an answer to a basic question: How can a simple and functional object convey one of the most iconic elements in oriental architecture? The result of this simplification and synthesis exercise is a pair of lamps constructed from only 2 laser-cut metal sheets. Kondo’s shape cannot be simpler; a couple of folds in each of the sheets allow us to create a functional and expressive volume, and the scale generates a compact and tight body that emphasizes efficiency. The lamp is produced, by Almerich, in two versions; Kondo XL is a highly decorative element perfect for large spaces, and Kondo S works better in an intimate space, perfect for a nightstand, dresser or desk.