Led Zeppelin – Arthur Analts – London, UK Nov14


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Led Zeppelin – Arthur Analts – London, UK

Led Zeppelin – Arthur Analts

Led Zeppelin – Arthur Analts

Design: Arthur Analts

Product: Ladder

Material: Aluminium

Color : White

Date: 2011

Project name ‘Led Zeppelin’ is due to the hard rock bands one of the most recognized tracks ‘Stairway to heaven’.

 Using usual ladder, there are difficulties to put them in the room corners, because there is a great possibility to fall down, however, Led Zeppelin ladder can be placed in 3 different positions in the room. It can be leaned  straight against the wall or placed 45* against the room corner or 25* against the corner – not allowing to fall down while climbing.

Special cuts are made at the end of the ladder steps. Those are made to hang cloth or put instruments, so it solves ceaseless up-and-down climbing for some instrument.

 Led Zeppelin looks good in the interior even when no one is using it, so it shouldn’t be hiden in the storage room.