The Wohl Centre – Daniel Libeskind – Ramat-Gan, Israel Dec09


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The Wohl Centre – Daniel Libeskind – Ramat-Gan, Israel

The Wohl Centre - Daniel Libeskind - Ramat-Gan, Israel

The Wohl Centre - Daniel Libeskind - Ramat-Gan, Israel

Architect: Daniel Libeskind
Building size: 38,000 ft² 910 Seating
Structure: Reinforced Concrete, Steel Structure with Laquered Aluminum Facade
Client: Bar-Ilan University Maurice Wohl Foundation
Architect of Record: The Heder Architecture
Structural Engineer: Josef Kahan & Partners
Lighting Designer: Dinnebier Licht
Electrical Systems: Shalom Ozer
Project Manager: Vinko Yeeffet
Mechanical and Sanitary: Ben-Zvi Consulting Engineers
Electrical Engineer: Shalom Ozer
Acoustic Engineer: Abraham Melzer & Uzi Livni
Safety & Fire Consultant: Shmuel Netanel Eng. Consultants
Theatre Consultant: Braslavi Architects
Elevator Consultant: Shlomo Holz. Eng.
Waterproofing Consultant: Michael Morton Eng
Air Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers: Moshe Ben Zvi Consulting Eng.
Quantity Surveyor: Eli Golding
Cost Estimation: Eli Golding
Contractor: Ortam-Sahar Ltd.
Status: Completed
Completion Date: 2005

The Wohl Centre, a major expansion to the Bar-Ilan University Campus in Ramat-Gan, Israel, completed in 2005 is the central convention center for the university, utilized for university programs and special events. The 38,000-square-foot convention center stands on a critical crossroad in the campus and opens a dialogue between the university and its neighbors. As such, it is a gateway and beacon for the students, faculty, guests and the public.

The concept for the Wohl Centre, “Voices and Echoes”, symbolizes the two essential components of the Bar-Ilan University: the secular and the sacred. Apparent in the form of the building is the interrelation between the dynamics of knowledge and the unifying role of faith. SDL worked with Ortam-Sahar ltd to construct the Centre.The project was generously funded by Maurice Wohl.