Dalian Museum Project – 10 Design – China Jan09


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Dalian Museum Project – 10 Design – China

Dalian Museum - 10 Design – China

Dalian Museum - 10 Design – China

Dalian Museum – 10 Design – China

Architects: 10 design

Location: Dalian, China

Year: 2011

Design team: Ted Givens, Peby Pratama, Adrian Yau, Audrey Ma, Laura Rusconi Clerici, Shane Dale

Landscape design: Ewa Koter

Client: Dalian Planning Bureau

Hong Kong and shanghai-based international firm 10 Design has proposed the ‘Dalian museum’, for urban planning topics positioned within the heart of the government district in Dalian, China. The building’s external appearance responds to the established sculptures and parks scattered throughout the city, becoming a focal element in itself. The form opens towards an adjacent park to the west, visually incorporating the current urban planning elements and green spaces of the encompassing context into the museum.

The zinc rainscreen facade is surfaced with a photocatalytic nano-coating of titanic dioxide to neutralize any air pollution and remove dirt. At night, UV lights powered by photovoltaic cells maintain the cleansing reaction which takes place while incorporating the imagery of a blooming flower, an important symbol to Dalian. An inner layer of aluminum lined with a polymer acts as an insulation, adding 10-20 percent to the material’s R-values with marine and fungal resistance. The simple paint-like layers dramatically increase performance for minimal costs, while general orientation of entrances and internal spaces minimize western facing elevations. Entries are placed to reduce the effects of northern winds to encourage passive solar techniques. Via