The EDGE Chair – Designed by Petr NOVAGUE Feb16


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The EDGE Chair – Designed by Petr NOVAGUE

The EDGE Chair – Designed by Novague

The EDGE Chair – Designed by Novague

The EDGE Chair – Designed by Novague

Designer: Novague

A modern design chair created, and presented at 100% Design during the London Design Festival, from Novague, a Czech studio founded by designer Petr Novague. A minimal structure made ??entirely of aluminum, which bases its geometric characteristics on the ancient Japanese art of origami. It borns through the use of different production technologies: a module laser cut from a sheet of aluminum, which is subsequently folded, welded and finished in comaxite with different colors. An intelligent composition, where every surface, fold or cut has a purpose, a common goal, to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. A simple, lightweight, durable and stackable solution that fits for indoor locations, such as cafes, hotels and waiting rooms, but can also be used to furnish outdoor, gardens and public spaces.

The Edge (from the designer)

The EDGE is an all-aluminium chair designed for a simple series production. This object was not commissioned, but it is designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Novague. Several technologies are used during the production process. The form is first cut out from an aluminium plate by laser, then it is bent according to the drawing and welded. The surface finish is made of comaxite and you can choose from several RAL colours. The great feature of the chair is the fact that you can stack them.

Source: Novague, Themag