Banca Sistema – Studio Daniel Libeskind – Italy Feb08


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Banca Sistema – Studio Daniel Libeskind – Italy

Banca Sistema - Studio Daniel Libeskind - Italy

Banca Sistema – Studio Daniel Libeskind – Italy

Architect: Daniel Libeskind Studio

Location: Milan,Italy

Building size:  70 m²

Client: Banca Sistema

Technology: Cisco Systems.

Lighting design: iGuzzini.

Furnishing: Saporiti Italia.

Status: Completed

Completion Date: 2012

Project Brief

In the project Daniel Libeskind proposes the idea of a forward-looking banking experience in which complex forms dialogue with classical and ecological materials—materials chosen in order to create a contemporary working environment with classical wooden finishes.

 At the heart of the project is the well-being of the people who inhabit the space; the use of wood helps to create visual and psychological warmth, yet at the same time, in the context of a bank, the use of wood is both innovative and unusual. The project was created in the spirit that every environment, irrespective of size and function, should inspire and stimulate its visitors. As such, even the stone floor and sloped ceiling become important elements in order to provide a unique working and consumer experience within Banca Sistema’s new headquarters.

 The branch remains the first and most important place to refer to the Bank.

 Even with the growth of the financial multi-channel model, we decided to give our Clients a comfortable, accessible and functional space to stopover. Attention to details in architecture and design has been primary, as well as the importance of technology and efficiency models.

 Financial sector is facing a radical change. Banks in particular have to rethink their relations with customers. The major challenge for banks is to find a new balance between the use of the branches, as traditional convention with their Clients, and the use of mobile and internet baking as the most innovative and direct channels to reach financial services.

Designed by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind, and using Cisco Systems technology, Banca Sistema’s branch introduces high definition multimedia and conferencing tools, which create an unconventional branch, providing new services in consulting to its Clients.

 It’s a branch focusing on customers care. We offer conventional banking and financial services through the innovative concept of HD videoconference and a strong integration of traditions, know-how, technology, on-line and self-service systems.

 The branch becomes a social and interactive platform between the bank and Clients. It replicates the bank’s objectives and strategies through its design. So we have chosen a celebrated international architect and partner who contributed with his expertise to create a distinctive space to our Clients. Thanks to Cisco HD videoconference technology, our expertise and consultants are constantly available to Clients at any branch.

 The Totem designed by Daniel Libeskind plays a central role within the branch.

 Besides its concrete function to create a discrete working space for customers, the Totem symbolize the idea behind the whole project. It stems from the concept of fractal, applied both to the inclination of the walls and the rotation and cuttings of the Totem. Fractals geometry may be exactly the same at every scale.

The Totem will be a recurring element in all the subsidiaries of Banca Sistema, to evoke the use of fractals both in mathematics and finance. One often cited description of fractals comes from Mandelbrot, as the most popular, also known outside the mathematical use especially after the introduction of computers and technology that were able to reconstruct artificially the complex and fascinating multicolor images representing the fractal.

 The complexity of aesthetics work together with the traditional and the ecology of the materials used. All the furnishings were made by Saporiti Italia, historical and leading Italian company in furniture and interior design. The lighting design has been created by iGuzzini.

 “Working on a 21st century idea of banking for Banca Sistema, and creating a uniquely personal, interactive space with groundbreaking technologies was both original and inspiring.” Daniel Libeskind